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Below are collections of articles and books I have written on various topics. I hope they are a blessing to you.

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Book: A Sprint to the Finish
Book: Six Questions
What is Strategy?
What is Strategy?
What is Stragedy?
The Five P’s of Strategy
What is Your Competitive Strategy?
Making Strategy From Scratch
Founder to CEO: Chief Strategist
The Purpose Pyramid
The Strategy Sieve
Strategy Maps
The Strategy Wheel
What is a Strategy Lab?
From Strategy to Messaging to Web Site
How Do You Develop a Strategy?
Developing Strategy: The Right Perspective is Essential
Developing Strategy: Project vs. Process
Developing Strategy: Outside-In vs. Inside-Out
Developing Strategy: Qualitative vs. Quantitative
Developing Strategy: Size and Complexity
Top Level Strategy
Corporate Strategy
Business Strategy
Mission Strategy
Competitive Strategy
Market Strategy
Channel Strategy
Product Strategy
Innovation Strategy
People Strategy
Systems Strategy
Developing a Data Strategy
The Startup Strategic Journey
Does Strategy Matter In A Pandemic?
Mark Cuban’s Startup Strategy
Why Verizon Failed As A Media Company
Is AT&T Getting Back on Track?
Generic Strategic Options for the Connected Intelligence Revolution
VisuALS’ Business Strategy
SDG Games Business Strategy
Book Brief: Playing to Win
Book Brief: HBR’s 10 Must Reads On Strategy
Book Brief: Strategy Safari
Book Brief: Competing for the Future
Book Brief: The Design of Business
Book Brief: Strategy in the Digital Age
Book Brief: Competitive Strategy
Book Brief: Good Strategy/Bad Strategy
Book Brief: Blue Ocean Strategy
Book Brief: The Strategist
Book Brief: Making Great Strategy
Book Brief: The Strategist’s Toolkit
Book Brief: The Discipline of Market Leaders
Book Brief: Built To Last
Book Brief: Competing in the Age of AI
Book Brief: Pivot to the Future
Book Brief: The Ecosystem Economy
Book Brief: StrategyMan vs. the Anti-Strategy Squad

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A bookcase full of classic books.

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