Leadership is hard. Especially when pivoting. I can help.
Leadership is hard. Especially when launching new products. I can help.
Leadership is hard. Especially when accelerating growth. I can help.
Leadership is hard. Especially when creating a new category. I can help.
Leadership is hard. Especially when raising funding. I can help.
Leadership is hard. Especially when changing leaders. I can help.
Leadership is hard. Especially when entering new markets. I can help.

I Make Hard Decisions Easier

Business leaders often struggle with how to make hard decisions. As I work with leaders, I have developed a simple three step process for making the right decision with confidence and clarity:
  • Clearly Define the Goal
  • Choose the Right Decision Framework
  • Answer the Essential Questions
I can help with all three steps. Through my years of experience working with many different types of companies, I have collected a variety of tools that can help define goals, serve as decision frameworks, and help uncover answers to challenging questions. 
Let's Talk!
Making the right decision based on thoughtful analysis provides confidence and clarity. You not only know the right answer, but you understand why it is the right answer and you can explain it to anyone who asks. You can sleep at night and can focus during the day on implementing the decisions that will help your business thrive.
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How Can I Help You?

My goal is to help you be successful in leading your business.
There are three main ways you can leverage my knowledge and experience:


Russ has written four books related to strategic management. He regularly writes articles at ClearPurpose and in other publications. He also speaks, teaches, and produces tutorials to help you learn how to lead well.


Russ meets with coaching clients virtually on a regular schedule (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly). They discuss the current situation and Russ helps the client identify the most important decisions for today and how to best make them.


Russ works with clients to identify the best approach for making critical decisions. This often involves a custom strategy lab that converges on the right answer, brings clarity to why the right answer is right, and achieves consensus across the team.

Russ helps startups strategize for growth.
Gabe Wyner, Founder and CEO, Fluent Forever Inc. testimonial "...I've now been told by multiple investors that they have never seen a company of our stage even approach our level of clarity when it comes to strategy and decision making process, and I attribute that directly to my time with Russ..."
Kenneth Epps, Former CEO, BayPackets Inc.  testimonial "...Russ brought to the table a strategic framework and a process that helped us quickly evaluate and prioritize the opportunities..."
Russ helps companies focus for success.
Russ helps teams learn strategy.
Christine Heckart, Chief Executive Officer, Scalyr testimonial "...I can't think of a better strategist to help us learn how to develop strategy at all levels..."
Tom McNamara, Founder/CEO, hopr testimonial "...we really appreciate the structure and experience that Russ brought in our early stage to help us move forward with coherence and consistency...."
Russ helps startups make hard decisions.
Russ Helps... Leaders Strengthen Culture
Dave Dassoulas, Co-Founder/Owner of Hope Builders testimonial: "...[Russ] is a special gift to entrepreneurs like me, who are in need of gifts he has that are limited in me."
Sarah Seagraves, SVP, Marketing, i2E testimonial "...Teams that Russ advised for our business plan competition were consistently well prepared and highly competitive..."
Russ helps founders pitch to investors.
Russ helps teams engage in strategy.
Gabe Wyner, Founder and CEO, Fluent Forever, Inc. testimonial continued "...It's difficult to overstate the positive impact Russ has had on Fluent Forever. I've had a phenomenal experience."
Jay Holden, Global Marketing Manager, Paul Mueller Company testimonial "...Russ' creativity, structure, and flexibility were instrumental in pulling together a  session that uniquely fit our culture while challenging us to think beyond the current business..."
Russ helps companies reengage growth.
Russ helps startups pivot for success.
Tolu Oridota, Co-founder, Chief Technologist, Koalie, LLC testimonial "...It was discussions with Russ that helped us realize our need to pivot..."
Steve Maher, Co-founder/CEO, VisuALS Technology Solutions, LLC testimonial "...I really appreciate how he integrates our shared faith and values into how we all approach our work. He has helped us avoid some mistakes and pursue some important opportunities..."
Russ helps leaders integrate values.

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