Are critical risks holding you back? I can help.
Is your business scaling profitably? I can help.
Are you ready to exit your business? I can help.
Does your business reflect your faith? I can help.

Value Acceleration for
Christian Business Owners

Feeling overwhelmed by your business? Spend less time grinding and more time growing!
The Value Acceleration Methodology helps you focus your efforts on achieving your vision.  What kind of legacy do you want to leave?  Will you and your business be ready to transition smoothly when you're ready to step back?
I understand your needs. As a certified exit planning advisor (CEPA), I'm trained in the Value Acceleration Methodology.  As a former corporate executive, I've led strategic initiatives that created billions in value.  I'm also an entrepreneur who knows the challenges of running a small business.
More importantly, I share your values. As a Christian business owner, I believe in building a business that reflects our faith and creates a lasting impact.
Let's talk about how to strategically manage your business towards your goals, with an emphasis on both financial and spiritual impact.
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How Can I Help You?

My goal is to help you and your business create as much value as possible.
There are three main ways that I work with business owners:


How does your business compare in performance and value with similar businesses? Are there critical risks that need your attention? How strong are your intangible assets (Customer, Human, Structural, Social) that drive performance and value? I can help you answer these questions.

Value Acceleration

I will help you develop a plan for addressing critical risks, strengthening your intangible assets and performance, and ensure your vision for your life is aligned with your business vision. I will then lead your team through a series of 90-day sprints to implement this plan step by step.

Exit Planning

When do you plan to step back from your business? Is the business ready? Are you ready? Is the business attractive enough to be highly valued by a the next owner? What are your options? I can help you start planning today so that you are ready in your and God's timing.

Dave Dassoulas, Co-Founder/Owner of Hope Builders testimonial: "...[Russ] is a special gift to entrepreneurs like me, who are in need of gifts he has that are limited in me."
Kenneth Epps, Former CEO, BayPackets Inc.  testimonial "...Russ brought to the table a strategic framework and a process that helped us quickly evaluate and prioritize the opportunities..."
Tom McNamara, Founder/CEO, hopr testimonial "...we really appreciate the structure and experience that Russ brought in our early stage to help us move forward with coherence and consistency...."
Tolu Oridota, Co-founder, Chief Technologist, Koalie, LLC testimonial "...It was discussions with Russ that helped us realize our need to pivot..."
Gabe Wyner, Founder and CEO, Fluent Forever Inc. testimonial "...I've now been told by multiple investors that they have never seen a company of our stage even approach our level of clarity when it comes to strategy and decision making process, and I attribute that directly to my time with Russ..."
Gabe Wyner, Founder and CEO, Fluent Forever, Inc. testimonial continued "...It's difficult to overstate the positive impact Russ has had on Fluent Forever. I've had a phenomenal experience."
Jay Holden, Global Marketing Manager, Paul Mueller Company testimonial "...Russ' creativity, structure, and flexibility were instrumental in pulling together a  session that uniquely fit our culture while challenging us to think beyond the current business..."
Steve Maher, Co-founder/CEO, VisuALS Technology Solutions, LLC testimonial "...I really appreciate how he integrates our shared faith and values into how we all approach our work. He has helped us avoid some mistakes and pursue some important opportunities..."

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