Free Value Benchmarking

To kickstart the Value Acceleration process, we provide a free service that includes an online survey that generates a high-level estimate of the current and potential value of your business, as well as a one-hour video call to review the results and discuss opportunities to improve the health and value of your business.

Value Benchmark service of the Value Acceleration Methodology.

Benchmark Survey

Click here to answer 2 financial and 12 multiple choice questions. Your answers will be kept confidential and you will receive a free high-level estimate of the current and potential value of your business.

Questions included in the benchmark survey include:

  1. What is your current year revenue?
  2. What is your current year EBITDA
  3. How diverse is your customer base?
  4. Can your business rely on repeat customers either through contracts or by built-up customer goodwill?
  5. Are the most important processes of your business documented and running smoothly?
  6. Are company finances organized and does your business follow best practices?
  7. Are there significant barriers that prevent new competitors from entering your market?
  8. Does the size of your market support significant revenue generation?
  9. How well does your business operate without you?
  10. How well do you understand the value of your business?
  11. Do you have all your corporate documents and shareholder agreements in order?
  12. How well do you understand the options and process for selling/transitioning your business?
  13. Do you have a contingency plan in place so that your business will continue to operate if you become incapacitated?
  14. How well do you understand how to maximize the value of your business?

Review Session

After completing the online benchmark survey, click here to schedule a free one hour session with us to discuss the results and further explore your value, profit, values, and wealth gaps.  

  • Value Gap: The difference between what your company is worth and what it could potentially be worth.
  • Profit Gap: The difference between your company's current profitability and the profitability of best-in-class companys in your industry.
  • Values Gap: The difference between your company's culture and your personal values and the legacy you hope to leave.
  • Wealth Gap: The difference between the value of your current liquid assets and the amount of liquid assets required to fund your post-exit life.

Questions that might be discussed in this benchmark review session include:

  1. What are your personal values that guide your decisions in life?
  2. How have those values impacted your business?
  3. Describe your business: what do you do and for whom?
  4. Why did you get into this business?
  5. What are your goals for the business between now and your exit?
  6. What is your vision for the business after you exit?
  7. What assets are most critical for achieving these goals and this vision?
  8. How much have you thought about intangible assets (customer, human, structural, social)?
  9. What do you think are the greatest risks to achieving your goals?
  10. What do you think are the most important opportunities for strengthening the business towards achieving your goals?

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