Readiness Assessment

The Readiness Assessment service includes a detailed valuation assessment, a readiness assessment, and individual discussions with each key leader in the business. The result is a comprehensive report reviewed in a 2-hour workshop that identifies key risks and growth opportunities to be addressed. Readiness Assessment happens first during the Discover phase and then again at the end of each pass through the Prepare phase.

Readiness Assessment service of the Value Acceleration Methodology.

Detailed Valuation

As part of the Readiness Assessment, we will perform a detailed valuation using the Discounted Cash Flow method based on 3 years of historical financial performance and 3 years of current and future year projections. We will work with you to normalize the results to ensure we value the business the same way a potential buyer would. We will also take into account the potential risks and growth factors discovered through the rest of the Readiness Assessment.

Readiness Survey

We will ask you to complete an online survey containing 65 questions in six categories:

  1. Industry and Strategic
  2. Organization and Culture
  3. Employees and Management
  4. Customers and Revenue
  5. Financials, Systems and Planning
  6. Environmental, Social and Governance

The answers to these questions will be kept confidential.

Leadership Interviews

We will talk to each of your key leaders individually to get their perspectives on the business, including the risks and growth opportunities identified in the Readiness Survey. We also use this time to educate them on the Value Acceleration process, to answer any of their questions, and to address any of their concerns.

Readiness Report

The Readiness Assessment results in a comprehensive report (typically 30+ pages in length) covering current and potential valuation, a Q-score reflecting the company's strengths in the 6 areas listed above, risks and growth opportunities in each of those areas, and a list of potential actions to improve the health and value of the business.

Readiness Workshop

The results are also discussed in a 2-hour workshop including key leaders in the business and others critical to the value acceleration process. This is not merely a read-out of the report, but an engaged discussion to ensure that we have a right understanding of the situation and that we are focused on the best opportunities moving forward.

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