Strategic Advisory Services

Strengthen your ability to develop achievable and value-creating strategies by leveraging the knowledge, wisdom, experience, and skills of an innovative leader with 25+ years of experience in technology industries.

Strategic Advisor

Improve your business decisions through an ongoing relationship with a proven, innovative business leader who can help shape and inform your strategic approach to business.

Consultation Session

Uncover, clarify, and evaluate strategic options for specific business challenges and opportunities by engaging an experienced strategist who will ask the right questions and provide valuable perspectives.

Two-day Strategy Lab

Quickly develop a deep and focusing understanding of what is true about your business, your opportunity, and how to uniquely focus your strategy to achieve your long-term goals through a structured 2-day process.


Help customers and prospects understand the “big picture” of how innovations are changing their world by leveraging a successful communicator’s writing, speaking, or facilitation skills.

About Russ McGuire

Russ McGuire is a trusted advisor with proven strategic insights. He has been blessed to serve as an executive in Fortune 500 companies, found technology startups, be awarded technology patents, author a book and contribute to others, write dozens of articles for various publications, and speak at many conferences. More importantly, he's a husband and father who cares about people, and he's a committed Christian who operates with integrity and believes in doing what is right. (Click the links near the top of this page to read more about Russ' experience as an Executive, Entrepreneur, Visionary, Communicator, and Advisor.)

Executive and Entrepreneur

Russ has served as Vice President of Corporate Strategy for Sprint and Vice President of Strategic Development for Williams Communications. He has also founded or co-founded three technology startups: Digital Frontiers, Seek First Networks, and the Christian Homeschool Network (CXfriends).


In the early 1990s, Russ led development of the first commercial website in the telecom industry, and in early 1995 quit his job to co-found a pioneering Internet startup. In 2007, prior to the launch of the iPhone, Russ wrote The Power of Mobility predicting the revolutionary impact of mobility on life and business. Russ has also been awarded three patents by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.


In addition to The Power of Mobility, Russ has also contributed to Shift 2020, Mobile Future Forward, and Enterprise City. Russ has also been a regular contributor to Christian Computing, Business Reform, Network World, and Home School Enrichment magazines. His blog The Law of Mobility has been very successful and he has contributed to several other industry blogs. He is a very well received conference speaker in keynote, breakout, and panel settings. He also has very effectively supported customer meetings with his forward-looking perspectives.

Trusted Advisor

Russ has also served as Chief Strategy Officer for TeleChoice, the strategic catalyst for the telecom industry, advising startup and established companies in determining their best go-forward strategy. He has served on the advisory board for several startups. He has also mentored many business leaders and served as a mentor in the TechStars accelerator program.


Our Mission

Leverage the knowledge, wisdom, experience, and skills gained through 25+ years of innovative leadership in technology industries to help business leaders innovate and pursue an achievable, value-creating, successful future.


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