Russ McGuire is a sought out speaker and an accomplished writer.  God has blessed him with the ability to take complex topics and make them accessible, which enables the audience to connect with the topic and more easily determine what to do next.

A Sought Out Speaker

Russ McGuire of Sprint on stage at eComm2009.As a public speaker, since 2006 Russ has delivered 16 conference/event keynotes, has been a featured speaker 11 times, and served on two dozen industry panels (see the full list).  It’s not unusual for the framework that Russ introduces in his talk at a conference to be referenced by other speakers throughout the remainder of the event.

Russ’ approach to these types of opportunities is to clearly identify his goals for the event, understand the audience and other participants, develop a messaging pyramid to structure the topic, and then, if appropriate develop the presentation materials (e.g. speech and/or presentation).

Russ is also popular with salespeople.  They love to have him present to their customers.  He brings credibility to the topic, provides thought-provoking material, and helps structure the complex issues so that the decisions facing the customer become more clear and manageable, leading to quicker decisions.  This has been particularly true when a significant technology change represents meaningful opportunity or threat for the customer.  Russ’ presentations, along with his ability to engage the customer with consultative probing questions, can help clarify the urgency for the customer and help move them towards taking action.


An Accomplished Writer

Russ is the author of The Power of Mobility: How Your Business Can Compete and Win in the Next Technology Revolution published in 2007 by John Wiley & Sons.  The book predicted that mobile technology would disrupt virtually all industries and provided a framework to help businesses capture the power of mobility.  Since that time, smartphones, mobile apps, and wireless connectivity have impacted most industries, creating clear winners and losers.

Russ has also contributed chapters to a number of books including Enterprise City: How Companies Are Changing the Global Urban Landscape
(2014), Shift 2020: How Technology Will Impact Our Future (2014), Mobile Future Forward: Essays from Thought Leaders on the Future of Mobile (2010) and Annual Review of Communications (2006).

As with his speaking opportunities, Russ approaches each writing assignment by first defining the objective of the document and understanding the audience, then structuring the message to most effectively engage the audience to achieve the objective.  This often involves bringing the audience up to speed on a technical or historical issue, providing a framework for evaluating the issue, and then presenting the arguments that can lead the audience to take the action most appropriate for their needs.  In addition to his public writing, throughout his career Russ has written many white papers for his employers to frame specific issues in a way that could lead to decisions.  Many of these were for internal strategic decisions and some have been to help customers determine what actions they should take relative to new technologies or new offers (example: Alleviating the Pain in Today’s Edge Networks).

Russ has contributed articles to a number of magazines.

2009_12coverSince 2009, Russ has been a regular columnist for MinistryTech magazine (formerly known as Christian Computing).   He has contributed more than 85 articles in six series (click here for a complete list):  The Mobility Revolution (2009-2010), Launching Online (2010), Tablet Time (2010-2011), The Power and the Danger (2011-2014), The Next Revolution (2014-2015), and Startup (2015-2016).  Russ’ article on “What is 4G?” was selected to be the cover story in December 2009, his article on “YouVersion” was selected to be the cover story in March 2016, and his article on “Mobile tAPPestry” was selected to be the cover story in August 2016.

In 2010 and 2011 Russ wrote nine articles for Home School Enrichment magazine on the topic of Raising Entrepreneurs which provided a framework of “Seven Disciplines of Biblical Business Success” – pairing each of seven business disciplines (e.g. “marketing”) with a biblical discipline (e.g. “integrity”).  The series introduced homeschooling families to the basic elements of any successful business while providing scriptural encouragement to perform those activities in a God honoring manner.  Russ provided an additional article for the July/August 2014 issue of the magazine, aimed at graduating high school students on the topic of Leaving Home.

Between 2005 and 2008, Russ wrote a number of articles for leading business and wireless publications introducing the Mobility Revolution.  The first of these was an article on “The Law of Mobility” for the September/October 2005 issue of Business Reform magazine.  (This led to the article “Moore’s Law, Metcalfe’s Law; now McGuire’s” by Daniel Briere in the January 16, 2006 issue of Network World magazine.)  Wireless Week magazine’s CTIA Show Daily issue on April 6, 2006 included Russ’ article on “The Law of Mobility.”  Later that month,CIO magazine published “The Internet: Is Mobility a Power or a Danger?”  The May 11, 2006 issue of Telephony magazine included Russ’ perspectives on “Will the Mobility Age Help or Hurt Telecom?”  On May 19, Mobile Enterprise Magazine included Russ’ article on “Mobility: Way More Than Connectivity.”  Finally, in September of 2008, GigaOm published two articles by Russ on “Mobile Broadband – A New Revolution?” and “Mobility – What’s Different?

Prior to joining Sprint, Russ served as the Online Director for Business Reform magazine.  In addition to building an online business selling magazine subscriptions and books, Russ also managed a partnership with World Net Daily called BizNetDaily.  Russ collected and provided editorial support for several prominent contributors including Dave Ramsey and Rick Boxx.  Russ also wrote over 60 articles himself for BizNetDaily during 2003 (see article list).  Russ also contributed to the print magazine.  Towards the end of 2003, the Business Reform editorial staff also briefly took over publication of Success magazine and Russ contributed two articles that were published in the January/February 2004 issue.



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